140 gems = 1$
700 gems = 5$


1400 gems = 10$
2100 gems = 15$

2800 gems = 20$
3500 gems = 25$


- To buy, send the exact amount of what you want to buy using one of the payment options you have at "how to buy". Once that's done, send proof of payment via whatsapp or chat stating exactly what you bought and lewait for an operator to respond and they will tell you how to proceed. 



- Attention, all gems enter your account as ruby and you need access to the vip shop which is released only after completing the mission to kill the Frieza in its first form and you must also have at least 1 ruby ​​or 1 gem to complete the transaction. If either of the two requirements are not met, the deposited amount will automatically be returned to your account as soon as it is confirmed that you do not meet the requirements.


- All purchases are calculated in the usd currency, so if you are purchasing in another currency, please convert first to see how many dollars you have based on your currency.